0G_skyZero Gravity Studios is a brand new recording and rehearsal studio complex situated in the heart of Athens, with all the technical provisions to cater for every sound production related service. The studios, housed in a 250 square meter area, comprises a high-end control room, a versatile live room and two rehearsal rooms – one of which can also be used for recording purposes. There are also two separate reception areas, a bathroom as well as a fully equipped kitchen. The studio’s design and construction was the result of a highly detailed acoustic study of the premises.

The excellent acoustic qualities, in combination with the high end in-house equipment and the versatility of our live room guarantee the best possible results for every project. Extra care has been given to the overall design aesthetics of the studios, as the quality of our services and the level of  comfort provided to our clients are of equal importance to us. 



Terry Nikas
Zero Gravity Studios

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